Crypto Wallet

Easy to use business wallets that provide the fuel for business Smart Contracts.
  • Wallet as a service
  • Easy to use. Easy to fund via card or transfer
  • Buy tokens that allow access to a range of powerful crypto-based business functionality
  • Buy tokens that allow access to Accziom Microservices on the Accziom marketplace
  • Buy the tokens that allow you to unlock the power of Smart Contracts for your business
  • No installation required
  • Protected by multiple security layers
  • Deployed and operated by an ISO27001 Certified enterprise
  • Easily migrate your private keys off of the Accziom platform

Not your Keys, not your Coins

This is a popular saying in the Cryptoverse. You can take your private keys off the Accziom platform any time you like. Our legals are simple – “Our custody services, your keys”. We focus on digital security so you don’t have to.

Accziom Wallet as a Service

The Accziom Wallet as a Service is directly integrated with Accziom functionality. This makes it perfect for leveraging business Blockchain and Smart Contract capabilities.

Associated with Blockchains

All complexities that are typically associated with Blockchains are abstracted away leaving the really useful functions that cannot be had any other way. There are no requirements for loading software or

Automated Treasury

The Accziom integrated Treasury is a collection of Crypto Wallets able to facilitate and automate enterprise treasury functions.

Accziom Wallet as a Service

Consider the Accziom Wallet as a Service as a specialist business treasury dedicated to accelerating business operations. The wallet is designed to auto-suggest fill and empty operations based on float requirements. An empty operation is as simple as setting a threshold where the wallet will dispose of operational stable coins in exchange for fiat monies that are then auto-transferred to your traditional business bank account.