Enterprise Controls

TheBrain view of Controls – https://bra.in/3p6Q7Q . Basic controls library can be supplied by us. Firms should have the opportunity to extend controls sets and sell them in a marketplace if they wish i.e. specialised controls for some type of agriculture business.

The opensource method for accounting employing opensource XBRL Standard – Seattle Method attached.

Also, a new opensource method for contracts and tax legislation using Logical English – https://accziom.com/advent-of-logical-english/

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Bob Kowalski will announce the release of the open-source Logical English project here – https://sites.google.com/view/2021-workshop-explainable-ai/home?authuser=0 .

I believe that Logical English can be used to describe enterprise controls. Then the reasoner can provide a review and a quality score given some benchmark.

Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble

Accountant, Technologist & Futurist