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Businesses have to operate in an increasing complex world. With complexity comes risk and opportunity. Accziom is committed to helping businesses operate effectively in our complex world by providing best-of-breed digital solutions.

Trade and commerce are optimised when information is readily available and trustworthy. Accordingly, Accziom is committed to building the most powerful information marketplace for merchants on the planet.

Information is more than raw data, it’s data with context. A frame of reference over data yields information and there is no more powerful way to generate context than by leveraging semantic technologies and graph databases.

Ontologies are relatively easy to create and graph databases can be seeded with harvested enterprise data but what if enterprises collaborated to build their own trade-focused database? 

Accziom Information Marketplace combines incentive technologies with methods for allowing enterprises to feed their information into a semantic graph database. The infoset opens up the opportunity for enterprises to profit from their enterprise information.

To generate trust, the marketplace reward system is based on enterprises taking ownership of a non fungible token that represents their unique infoprint in the information marketplace. Based on searches across the database, information owners are rewarded and the more their infoset is queried the greater their reward.
An enterprise infoset offers up a multitude of possibilities beyond monitization. An infoset can carry detailed information about the goods and services available for sale by the enterprise. Moreover, the infoset can help to enhance trust, especially if particular datapoints are verified and proven trustworthy.


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