Information Deficit ≙ Entropy (disorder) ​​

Information and energy are the lifeblood of an enterprise. Accounting for financial information follows exactly the same logic as accounting for energy. A battery has terminals and stores energy. A balance sheet has terminals (net assets (+)positive & equity (-) negative. Batteries fill with stored energy. Balance sheets fill with net assets by capital introduction and profit-making.

Enterprises that fail to effectively implement information process and internal control systems are likely to face an information deficit at some stage resulting in degraded performance. Understanding how information deficits result in entropy or disorder is critical if you want to operate an effective business –

Information Deficit ≙ Entropy (disorder)

We designed an early warning system which measures potential information deficit (shortage) to predict, prevent and mitigate disorder and risks. Read more here.

Arend van Campen

Arend van Campen

CEO at TTT, Lecturer & Author