The Accziom Marketplace is designed on an opensource technology stack. Resource descriptor framework (RDF) is used to describe the available goods and services. RDF can impart meaning to your product and service guides for humans and their machines. That meaning can be reused within different parts of your business systems.
  • Automate transactions
  • Expand the choices available to buyers
  • Give sellers access to new customers
  • Reduce transaction costs for all players
  • Are software based, so can scale with minimal additional investment

Functions of Accziom Digital Marketplace

The marketplace has tools that can be used to develop and deploy product and service pricing guides. The development of a service guide doubles as the development of a Microservice. For describing products in RDF , Accziom provides a toolkit for describing all possible product attributes relevant to the real world including things like power consumption, colour and every other possible variable.

Creative Content

Even creative content can be defined and constrained for purpose. Save time in business by getting the right service or product with the right output.

Accziom Marketplace is designed to ensure creative content

Accziom Marketplace is designed to ensure creative content works well in final deployment. Buyers do not need to concern themselves with things like media formats or resolution. When you bid for a service provider, the bid will include the end use of the content i.e. for Twitter Ad or for Facebook Ad. This functionality is achieved with Accziom microservice framework.

Market Design Principals

Business information is valuable! From auto-fill to marketplace profiling, there are a thousand and one uses for quality business information. The bedrock of Accziom is an information marketplace. The information system is a graph database optimised for building and querying semantically valid infosets.
Learn more about RDF & SPARQL technologies here – Read More 
Businesses curate a profile of their business and share in search-fee rewards.