Digital business toolset for accelerated commerce.

Designed to deliver enhanced business operational efficiencies and trust.


In mathematics or logic, an axiom is an unprovable rule or first principle accepted as true because it is self-evident or particularly useful. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Your Business on Digital Steroids

Accelerate your enterprise with new methods for accessing and delivering professional and business services.

Collaborate seamlessly with business partners

Communicate and coordinate with purpose-built technologies.

Secure services more effectively

Gain access to a range of professional services in a super-efficient manner.

Business services marketplace

Easily comsume or deliver business services in an intuitive manner.

Service Delivery Infrastructure

Designed to accelerate and streamline service delivery.

Service Analysis
Service Design
Service Agreement
Compliance Service
Advisory Service
Creative Service
Manual Task Service
Service Invoice
Service Payment

Our Toolset

Our Toolset – Explore the Accziom tools available to supercharge your business.


Where human services are integrated with digital workflows, supercharging merchant collaboration.

Crypto Wallet

Easy to use business wallets that provide the fuel for business Smart Contracts.


Take your products and services to market with tools designed to streamline your processes and procedures.

Smart Contract

The real power of Blockchain! Smart Contracts that help you automate business processes like never before.


Digital workflows that automate the process of delivering or buying products and services and collecting payment or paying.

Digital Document Signing

Sign and countersign documents with one or more counterparties on the Accziom platform.


Integrate Accziom with your favourite business tools.

Accziom - Xero

Work Seamlessly with Xero

Got Xero? Now we give you the ultimate Triple Ledger tech for hardened proof of trade. Connect your contacts. Easily send RFQ’s, machine-readable contracts, orders and invoices.. Invoices store automatically in Xero.

Work Seamlessly with QuickBooks

Got QBO? Now we give you the ultimate Triple Ledger tech for hardened proof of trade. Connect your contacts. Easily send RFQ’s, machine-readable contracts, orders and invoices. Invoices store automatically in QBO.

Accziom - QBO

Information Marketplace

Light up the Web 3.0 with your enterprise profile

Marketplace with RDF Web 3.0 extensions.

On the Web, we want you and your organization to standout for merchant machines.

Merchant machines reuse your business profiles for trustful trade engagement.

Web 3.0 is here and it’s powerful!. In this new age of the internet, information has a Semantic quality. It’s imbued with meaning. And that meaning can help machines help you. Turn-on the semantic lights on your website and work with the Accziom network. Reuse the product and service offering data you use in your trade processes.

Learn more about the Accziom Information Marketplace Proposition

Framing Information marketplace value proposition Explore More
Trusted Business Information Network Explore More

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Choose your Plan

Procurement process workflows from RFQ to invoice with automated QBO & Xero injection. All functions are baselined, providing provable transactions and automated audit potential.

Zero Transaction Fees

We are building our marketplace on an open-source architecture. Your keys, your data is our motto.

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Why Choose Us

In business, time is money. Accziom delivers tools that allow you to integrate and accelerate commerce in the digital age.

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Smart Contracts for Business

Smart Contracts can be used to fully-automate your business. As an example, on agreeing to contractual payment terms, a cryptographic wallet can be seeded with funds. When the terms of the contract are met, funds can be automatically disbursed.

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Integrated Communications

When you are working on a deal and agreeing terms, it's useful if the related-communications can be stored as a source of truth.

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KYC/AML Certification

Accziom provides Green Tick ID services. To secure a Green Tick, an Accziom member must buy an Accziom KYC/AML certificate. A 100 point ID check is dynamically executed against Australian Department of Home Affairs.

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