Open Ended Optimization Protocol

Ark X Open-ended Optimization Protocol

In the context of the Ark X Manifesto, a protocol is a technical or philisophical approach adopted by the trading entities of the colony.

In the context of the Ark X Manifesto, optimization refers to the optimization of the approach to doing business that delivers lowest total cost of ownership of liquidity across the trading entities in the colony without increasing overall liquidity risk of those trading entities that make up the colony.

Open-ended refers to a technology agnostic approach – that is, while the Colony recognises and leverages certain technical protocols such as software approaches including RDF & XBRL, there is no fundamental requirement that any given technology is forever. It’s quite possible that new and improved opensource methods will come to light that can be adopted and adapted to optimize the performance of the Colony.

As noted in the Ark X Manifesto, there are certain axioms that form ground truths adopted by the colony. These axioms are described in the Seattle Method. The open-ended optimization protocol must always consider these ground truths.

Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble

Accountant, Technologist & Futurist