Right of Survivorship in a Digital World

I have an old Flash video file that I’d love to play again but the SWF protocol is no longer supported on my Windows 10 machine. Entropy is most certainly real even in the world of bits.

Apple is solving a complicated problem with its latest iOS update: right of survivorship.

Auditchain is a decentralized accounting, reporting, audit and analysis metaverse that automates and provides proof of assurance on the world’s financial and business information. Their approach lends itself to new levels of information persistence.

While the AuditChain digital system components are decentralised, the human agents responsible for crafting and testing the system logic are flesh and blood – typically accountants with taxonomy, ontology and first order logic training. Their persistence is limited.

Logical rules authors and inspectors looking for content longevity and proof of authorship might consider hashing RDF V-cards https://www.w3.org/Submission/vcard-rdf/ into persistent storage https://ipfs.io/ . Authors and logic inspectors co-sign each-others v-cards to enhance each-others authenticity and trustworthiness within a cohort such as CPAs. https://docs.baseline-protocol.org/ provides a cost-effective method for generating the immutable sign hash against the v-card by cohort collaborators. Each V-card is essentially stamped with the recognition of the collaborators who choose to recognise each-others work efforts. In the accounting world we can this a triple ledger.

Digital content produced by the authors can be stored using the non fungible token standard and IPFS. This provides authors with rails onto the an emerging ERC721 standards token marketplace.

Ultimately, a giant semantic, crawlable Merkle tree of financial information and the digital representations of the human actors in the great financial drama of the world will grow and thrive.


Audit Chain
Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble

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