What is Ark X Manifesto?

Ark X is a manifesto for small medium enterprises seeking enhanced business performance.

Accziom aims to help enterprises secure enhanced business performance by –

  • Developing and promoting technical approaches that drive efficiency
  • Developing and promoting collaborative approaches that drive synergies
  • Building and supporting infrastructure that is ultimately open source and decentralised.

Business efficiency can be enhanced by –

  • Standardising operational procedures
  • Leveraging technology for automation
  • Researching, developing and adopting new technical capabilities.

Business synergies can be secured through collaboration and optimal marketplace dynamics. Win win rather than win lose or lose lose. Read more about our marketplace here – https://accziom.com/building-synergies/

Accziom provides access to our labs where we opensource some of our projects and provide access to a range of useful business information API’s. https://accziom.com/labs/ . Our modular, opensource marketplace depends on community developer involvement.

Ark X merchant participants interact with other merchant participants in a collective that is controlled by logic and ethics. The ethics of the collective demand honest trading and satisfied buyers and sellers. The logic of the collective is based on
– Making Sense of the World by Judea Pearl –

The Seven Tools of Causal Inference that Judea Pearl describes, provide us with an approach to arranging the axioms of the merchant collective. That is, to make sense of the world in order to trade more effectively. If we can make sense of the world we are able to make optimal merchant decisions.

As part of Ark X Manifesto, certain axioms are adopted as ground truths. Being a merchant collective, the first ground truths are those used in accounting. These ground truths resolve to a Standard Business Reporting Model by applying the Seattle Method and can be described in the opensource semantics of XBRL.

Business information has a quality gradient. Grounded information is assigned a higher score. Cryptographic grounding patterns will be agreed upon by trading cohorts. Read more here about the 7 Levels of Grounding – http://xbrl.squarespace.com/journal/2021/4/5/financial-report-levels.html

Machine reasoners/business information audit engines provide confirmation and validation services. A set of financial statements can be assessed for accuracy and information veracity in seconds. Proof of accuracy and information veracity can be used to prove business performance and secure trade terms or finance.

Machine reasoners for merchants are available in a decentralized format and are able to support the Standard Business Reporting Model supported by Accziom – www.auditchain.com

Where ever possible, Ark X demands the use of opensource technologies and technologies that provide information persistence through time. While Accziom provides a pathway toward enhanced business performance, merchants should be free to take their private keys and retain access to their data.