About Our Mission
The core Accziom mission is to blaze a trail for small-medium enterprises into the Web 3.0 world. As part of that mission, we continue to support a range of open-source and Blockchain-based projects. We also sponsor the maintenance of the Ark X Manifesto for The Colony - A massively multiplayer online game designed specifically for merchants.

Mission Liftoff

The Accziom mission is now officially launched.

Mission Control

The Accziom Mission is currently under the control of LodgeiT Pty Ltd. The control will be shifted to the Ark X DAO or decentralised autonomous organization over the next 36 months. October 15, 2021 marks the dawn of a new era. An era in which the Colony spore is released. See the Ark X Manifesto for details on the spore ideals.

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