Boost productivity and profitability

by streamlining your client engagement

Save time on administration

Build trust with clients

Get paid faster, reduce debtors

Expand your business reach

Accziom integrates with platforms you already use

Synchronise your contacts between Accziom and your favourite accounting platform.

Automatically create and send invoices in Xero or Quickbooks right from your Accziom deal flow.


Get paid fast, period!!

Accziom’s billing engine is multifarious and designed to get you paid faster. You can request a direct debit authority when your client signs a proposal. All invoicing happens automatically via your accounting platform according to the billing schedule.

Save time and de-stress

Running a business can be stressful. Inefficient operating procedures add confusion, frustration and overhead.

Accziom streamlines your deal flow by helping you standardise proposals and agreements across your business with reusable services, billing and agreement templates.

Automate client onboarding, including ID checks (coming soon) and synchronise their record to your accounting package.

Transparency builds trust

Once an agreement is reached, the contract is stored in a non-editable form with digital signatures. All deal terms, billing terms, and exercised options are documented and accessible to you and your client.

The Accziom Digital
Deal Flow Engine

Why choose Accziom?

Accziom is a LodgeIT initiative. We are a proven player in the digital services space with deep industry understanding and thousands of loyal customers. We are passionate about technology and have provided exceptional customer service since we launched in 2010. Please visit "The Lab" to see some of our research initiatives. 

Your digital marketplace is just around the corner

We are working hard to create an open marketplace for professional service providers to connect with each others. 

The marketplace will integrate with the Accziom platform and enable businesses to cross sell their services to each others clients.

Find new prospects and earn commissions on referrals. 

One simple affordable plan!

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    All features

    Coming later this year

    Open Marketplace

    Gain exposure beyond your current networks.


    Form alliances with other businesses offering symbiotic services to yours.

    Earn commissions

    Receive a cut of any deal your partners make with your clients.

    Expand your reach

    Acquire new clients via your partner network.