Services & Bundles


Whether through detailed service profiles or thoughtfully packaged bundles, Accziom provides the tools to craft tailored, professional client proposals.


Service profiles serve as comprehensive showcases, outlining the scope of your expertise to help clients make informed decisions. Each profile allows you to convey key engagement details and the unique value you provide.

Tailored briefing enables you to gather specific requirements from clients through an intuitive question flow. Additionally, you can present service options with associated pricing, empowering clients to select solutions aligned with their needs and budget constraints.


Service bundles maximise client value by combining individual service offerings into strategic packages. Accziom seamlessly rolls up the constituent services’ briefing questionnaires, pricing structures, and billing methodologies when building a bundle, ensuring cohesive service descriptions while allowing you to apply enticing bundle discounts.

You also maintain control by defining the packaged bundle’s top-level billing terms and agreement specifics.