Hydrogen Technology Clusters Australia

Energy centres are opening up around Australia. It’s likely that some of these will grow to be very significant nodes of economic activity. – 

Hydrogen Technology Cluster Australia (H2TCA) : NERA National Energy Resources Australia

Background. NERA implemented the Regional Hydrogen Technology Clusters Program to help build the skills, capacities and commercialisation opportunities necessary to unlock Australia’s enormous potential to create a globally competitive hydrogen industry that could add up to $26 billion and thousands of jobs to the national economy by 2050.. 2019


Cluster locations and contact details

The interactive map below provides a location-spesific guide to Australia’s hydrogen clusters

Gravity Power is likely to provide lowest cost of ownership of energy over the period of the diurnal cycle when solar energy is dormant.

Gravity revolution
The gravity power
Comparing gravity
I believe energy hubs can offer vitality to the nation, but we have to get our energy cost down first. Then hubs can build up infrastructure in their low energy perimeters – 
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Cold storage (my wine collection).
  • Robotics factories
  • Chip factories
  • HVDC links to regional outposts
  • Electromagnetic launch (Coilgun, railgun.)
  • High G / Low G entertainment
  • Space elevators
My submission to Australian Senate Financial Review –

The more varied the mix of hub energy participants, the lower the overall cost of the related goods & services and the more competitive the hub ecosystem. –
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