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Accziom Trusted Business Information Network

Information not data. Accziom utilizes a network of semantic graph databases. Ambiguity is not the friend of business.
Buy business information for filling forms, dynamic report building, analytics or marketing.

Our Accziom Trusted Business

Our Accziom Trusted Business Information Network is designed to engender trust – Staked and grounded information. Using NFT technology, data is only inserted into a network database with a MERc deposit. Semantically concise data, using open-source, Resource Descriptor Framework
Share in the bounty of the network. Our MERc incentive system rewards information owners and curators

Use our GUI Technology

Ask us about access to our database using SPARQL queries. Inferences can uncover otherwise hidden variables.

Find Businesses.

Where? What type? What products? What services?

  • Integrate Accziom with your request for information processes business
  • Access network feedback. How does a business rate? Users and curators on our network are actively involved in providing feedback.

Find Businesses.

  • Build & maintain your personal profile. Get an ID Check. Accziom will confirm it to the network.
  • ¬†Build your Organization’s profile – those businesses you’re involved in.
  • Engage in profile curation – verifying, reviewing and extending profiles. Get rewarded.