Building Synergies

As part of the Accziom mission, we are building a marketplace for small medium enterprises(SME's). Mainly for service providers, where services can be well-described using our microservices system i.e. audit services/tax services

A services build or description empowers five valuable functions

Triple Ledger Entry

Accounting events - Request for quote - Order - Contract - Invoice - Payment. (Each step baselined - ) This provides a triple ledger entry which is highly-rated in our enterprise quality measurement system.

RDF Array

RDF Array for mounting on the website of the service merchant. This provides a broadcast of the merchant's offering for network participants to sample or request in an order process.

Deliver Service

Information required to deliver a service.


A signal to the marketplace about service price.

Settle a Debt

The ability to settle the debt via a preprogrammed Smart Contract connected to a payment rail such as Bitcoin or some Stablecoin.

Our Synergies

The enterprises that operate on both sides of a service – buyer and seller have essentially strengthened the integrity of their business information with the triple ledger entry.

Deliver Financial Reports

The service providers and consumers using the Accziom marketplace will in all likelihood, have QBO, Xero or a similar accounting system. Via LodgeiT, we will allow enterprises to deliver financial reports conforming to the Standard Business Model to AuditChain for audit.


Audits will provide y/n and probability proofs on certain features of an enterprise i.e. use triple ledger for x% of invoices. Where 100% usage provides proof of a low risk of internal fraud.

Quality Ratings

An enterprise will then have access to quality rating that can be leveraged for securing better trade and finance terms in the Accziom opensource marketplace.