Business Logic & Logical English

All trade is initiated in Logical English contracts. Transaction category can be inferred from who was paid/collected from and what information was on the contract & the invoice. Who was paid/collected from should already be profiled as per internal controls. Profile includes all usual business information + industry sector + allowed to provide service x/product y for enterprise function z+ permitted payment methods. In Au we have Australia and New Zealand Industry Categories ANZIC Codes. Most country jurisdictions have these.

When using public chains for valueshifting, you don’t want to or even need to score any unnecessary information into a chain. Most likely, public chain payment comes first to the enterprise. EY, Microsoft and others support this opensource Triple Ledger . Baseline provides a method to deploy a private triple ledger for both parties to a trade baselined off ETH mainnet. There are stages in a transaction -> request for information, request for quote, contract, order, invoice. Baseline provides a method for deploying these processes. Cost per record is basically next to nothing.

If all your revenue transactions are baselined, you are on your way up the 7 level quality pyramid. If all your valueshifting transactions are on-chain then higher again you go.

Not all chains are equal for liquidity storage. Probably Bitcoin is proven to be quite solid & dependable with large market cap and many nodes. AuditChain might consider funding development of chain risk profile. As part of the Australian Blockchain senate report a categorisation exercise of blockchains on a functional basis should be carried out. But it will take them forever to fund so better AuditChain fund.

If IPFS is good enough for storing taxonomies and associated grounding artefacts, then it should also allow storage of Logical English contracts in an encrypted state.

As I understand, AuditChain Pacioli nodes can potentially read Logical English script.

After learning more about internal controls, I believe all business logic must tie back to enterprise control logic. Logical English can be used to express control logic from systems like ISO27001 or SOX or any similar set of enterprise controls that are rich in natural language.

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