Where human services are integrated with digital workflows supercharging merchant collaboration.
  • Service requests with functional frameworks
  • Precision requirements leave no room for ambiguity
  • Task specification with consideration of end goals
  • Easy to execute service requests
  • Less confusion, better outcomes
  • Fees agreed in advance
A microservice in the Accziom sense is a well-constrained service requirement. Services are increasingly linked to some software environment and that acts as a natural constraint on the service. Consider requesting an animation. Where will the animation be used? If the animation is required to run on Twitter as opposed to Facebook, then the animation must be MP4 and of a specific resolution.

Building Microservices

It’s super-easy to design and deploy Microservices for your enterprise to provide in the open marketplace. Use Accziom tools to handle the build. A Microservice is able to embody a service value by component. This component can be used in RFQ(Request for Quote) business processes and act as a machine-readable price and product offering on your website when exposed as RDF (Resource Descriptor Framework).

Accziom contains a growing range microservices

Accziom contains a growing range of microservices that buyers can request quotes for and then select specialist service providers who will execute work within the tight constraint of the microservice framework.

Accziom works with service providers

Accziom works closely with service providers and buyers of those services to ensure that microservices available on the Accziom platform are well-designed with both the service and the software in mind.

Microservices provide framework for RFQ process

Microservices provide a framework for capturing service information requirements and a detailed list of functions that are used in the Accziom RFQ process.