Objective: Implement and evaluate the integration of Prolog forward-chaining logic with RDF for financial data management.

Accounting Focus:

  • Automated Financial Reporting: Develop and test Prolog-based logic to automate the generation of financial statements that adhere to accounting standards. (limited to cash-based activity.
  • Complex Transaction Handling: Experiment with Prolog and RDF to manage multi-currency and investment-related transactions, focusing on the accuracy and consistency of financial data.


Global Business Register
Objective: Establish a standardized, secure platform for accessing business information globally using RDF databases.


Accounting Focus:

  • Data Standardization: Utilize RDF to maintain uniform data structures, enhancing the reliability of business information for accounting purposes.
  • Secure Information Access: Implement security measures such as Metamask and Zero Knowledge Proofs to manage access to sensitive financial information.


Experimental Activities

  1. Machine-to-Machine Interactions:
    1. Test automated data exchanges between systems to ensure integrity and reliability of financial information without human intervention.
  2. Human Interaction with RDF Servers:
    1. Evaluate user interactions with the RDF-based system for accessing financial data, focusing on the accuracy and efficiency of data retrieval under controlled payment mechanisms.


These initiatives focus directly on the core accounting challenges of data management, reporting accuracy, and secure access to financial information, employing advanced computational tools to address these challenges in a controlled experimental setting.