Smart Contracts

The real power of Blockchain! Smart Contracts that help you automate business processes like never before.
  • ERC20 Standards-based contracts
  • Production Contracts are audited
  • Contracts are designed to work with Accziom dealer processes
  • D.I.Y Smart Contract option
  • Integrate a range of Blockchain services automatically
  • Accziom helps you run the optimal Smart Contract for your enterprise.

Smart Contract Engineering Services

Smart Contracts can be made to perform amazing value-shifting acrobats . It’s simply a case of coming up with a reallife usecase. Take advantage of our marketplace to secure engineering services or use our ERC20 Smart Contract Fabrication factory to D.I.Y.

Smart Contracts programmed specifically for your business use case

Smart Contracts provide a powerful way to program your business and automate more of the laborious value shifting tasks.

Smart Contracts and Blockchains

The Accziom Smart Contract framework is designed to make it super-efficient for you to connect to and utilize a range of Blockchains in your business operations.

Accziom customize contracts to your business requirements

Find someone on the Accziom trade network to customise a contract to your exact business requirements. Integrate it into your trade processes with ease.

Accziom works with AuditChain

Accziom is designed to work seamlessly with the AuditChain token and network of tools. Learn more about how you can improve your business with an internal controls check and AuditChain scan.

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