Tax Genii

project is an innovative endeavor that integrates the capabilities of GPT (ChatGPT) with advanced search technologies to effectively manage and interpret tax legislation. This project utilizes a blend of semantic, vector, and hybrid search methods to identify relevant segments of tax legislation, which are then passed to the AI system for analysis. The core functionality of this system is to provide concise, accurate summaries of the identified tax documents.
To enhance accuracy and relevance, Tax Genii employs Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and utilizes structured data formats such as taxonomies and ontologies. These tools help in organizing and understanding complex tax information, allowing the AI to generate more informed and contextually appropriate responses.
The project is aimed at automating the process of navigating through vast amounts of tax legislation, reducing the time and effort required by professionals to access pertinent information. Additionally, Tax Genii explores various methodologies to ensure the precision of the AI’s outputs, making it a valuable tool for tax professionals and entities dealing with large volumes of tax-related data.