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Trade-Mediation-as-a-Service (TMaaS) architecture

Trade-Mediation-as-a-Service​(TMaaS) architecture​​

From a systems-theoretic perspective, #Bitcoin has the potential to represent a once-in-10-millennium discovery of a fully-vertically-integrated, adiabatic, end-to-end Trade-Mediation-as-a-Service (TMaaS) architecture. If you look back and study the history of every war, every economic crisis, every political struggle and every government ever formed – it can all be viewed as a bloody, arduous search to find a fair & resilient sociotechnical solution to TMaaS. To that end, by discovering and merging cyberspace, digital scarcity, and digital decentralization, Bitcoin could represent the first viable TMaaS architecture.

Jason Lowery (Author)

Jason Lowery (Author)

US Space Force | MIT

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