Trade network Ideas/tools/approaches

Someone comes to my website and learns about product/service detail and pricing. Or they can send out a bot to trawl websites looking for given product or service – Request for Information. The rest of the RFQ request for quote / IOU I owe you process through to invoice and finally smart contract operation/payment/receipt might be automated i.e. select supply based on following .*.
Five benefits described here – .

Open-source accounting engine –
Handles –
Bank accounts
RDF transaction descriptors

There is XBRL GL format . RDF fits pretty closely with XBRL- GL which is just XML and .XSD.

Open-source triple Ledger can be run off Ethereum mainnet . This approach provides secure grounding for trade transactions. Legends i.e. account names are available via cohort-agreed, IPFS-pinned taxonomies/examples. (opportunity for accountants to get engaged with the technology so they can manage & agree taxonomies.)
Interesting Zero Knowledge Proof research – –

The valueshift on the IOU can be handled with a mint & burn procedure against a Stablecoin or some other cohort agreed metric. I suspect that to make the network really valuable we need to tie in energy + Carbon. See Watt attached and – for ideas.

Optimization by cohort-agreed protocols using some set of liquidity ratios .

Ark X Manifesto and associated docs are all opensource and plan is to add versioning controls against IPFS. Any cohort can then branch the docs, ideas and code repos.

Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble

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