What is Ark X Manifesto?

Ark X is a manifesto for merchants seeking synergies for their businesses. These synergies require nothing more than understanding the reasons for adopting a certain technical stance with respect to trade. The technical stance always favours a set of opensource protocols and procedures. As an example, a business that broadcasts their industry and product list to the Colony using RDF will have a better chance of having their offering discovered and potentially sold.

Instead of colonizing land or people, we are colonizing “Blue Ocean” in the metaphorical sense – that expanse of a set of possibilities for better business that arise when trade is synergized through optimal collaborative technology configuration.

Synergies off of win-win outcomes for participants, strengthen the Colony, and provides benefits to the colonialists.

Our goal is to develop and maintain an open-ended optimization protocol designed to benefit the health of a collaborative trading colony by design consideration.

Colony participants leverage the optimization protocol by adopting certain technologies and techniques for mutually beneficial economic collaboration.

The Manifesto demands an opened-ended approach that’s agnostic to technique and technology.

As part of Ark X Manifesto, certain axioms are adopted as ground truths. Being a merchant collective, the first ground truths are those used in accounting. These ground truths resolve to a Standard Business Reporting Model and can be described in the opensource semantics of XBRL.

Colony Kernel – Making Sense of the World. Judea Pearl does this topic justice – https://ftp.cs.ucla.edu/pub/stat_ser/r481.pdf & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsMV5o3hotY

The Seven Tools of Causal Inference that Judea Pearl describes, provide us with an approach to arranging the axioms of the Colony. That is, to make sense of the world in order to trade more effectively. If we can make sense of the world we are able to make optimal merchant decisions.

For making sense, information will have a quality gradient. Grounded information will be assigned a higher score. Cryptographic grounding patterns will be agreed upon by trading cohorts. Read more here about the 7 Levels of Grounding here.

Machine reasoners will provide confirmation and validation services. Inference capabilities will help to fill information gaps and build synthetic knowledge. Machine reasoners for merchants are available here in a decentralized format and are able to support the Standard Business Reporting Model using open-source XBRL semantics – www.auditchain.com .

Reasoning engines can be built in software and are a core development priority of the Colony. Opensource projects –

Logical English

Pacioli – To be released soon.


Meaning must be more than just syntax. It must be semantic. We have RDF, Logical English, and XBRL to start the journey. No doubt there will be an evolutionary process in the toolsets we adopt and adapt over the lifecycle of The Colony.