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Logical English LLM Hybrid System

This research project is centred on developing a groundbreaking hybrid system that integrates large language models (LLMs) with a Prolog reasoning engine and controlled natural language processing (specifically Logical English) to transform complex tax legislation into computable contracts. The main goals of the project include enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of legal document processing, which …

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Tax Genii

project is an innovative endeavor that integrates the capabilities of GPT (ChatGPT) with advanced search technologies to effectively manage and interpret tax legislation.


Objective: Implement and evaluate the integration of Prolog forward-chaining logic with RDF for financial data management. Accounting Focus: Automated Financial Reporting: Develop and test Prolog-based logic to automate the generation of financial statements that adhere to accounting standards. (limited to cash-based activity. Complex Transaction Handling: Experiment with Prolog and RDF to manage multi-currency and investment-related …

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The Semantic Web Business Information Marketplace is a proposed distributed platform designed to enhance data accessibility and exchange on the Semantic Web. This marketplace employs semantic technologies to manage and transact data across distributed nodes efficiently, without the need for centralized control. It aims to create a sustainable economic model by enabling transparent compensation for …

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